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coming in 2021

We believe in the power of technology to make HR drive business success.

Will your HR drive business success - or costs?

What we do

Berlin is a global consulting agency that helps organizations leverage the power of technology to build intelligent HR solutions.

Digital HR

The future is digital and reinventing HR requires challenging the status quo.

People analytics

Transform your HR into a data-driven environment and create impact by defining and implementing insightful analytics in line with the business strategy.

Employee experience

Turn your employees into brand ambassadors. A strong employee experience leads to a strong customer experience.


Powering HR with intelligent solutions. Get the most out of technology with fit-for-purpose solutions that work.

Our solutions

We enable clients to create business value through HR with disruptive thinking, end-to-end expertise, efficient solutions and technology.


We have a powerful tool to assess and identify the gaps of your HR strategy and operations.


Together we design your HR digital strategy and target operating model
to achieve extraordinary results.


We use our EASD project methodology to accelerate your strategy execution and implementation.


We have the right digital skills to support your HR!

Who we are

Our people and our way of working is what makes us different.

We are berlin. A cool-but-serious bunch of consultants & techies whose obsession for excellence in HR made us cross paths. Always ready to come in and deliver intelligent solutions that create impact.

We work for a diverse range of clients: big, small, online, offline, local or international. Size doesn’t matter.
We work on diverse projects for top brands as well as for cool startups.

We connect HR
with technology

We help organizations to make HR more efficient and cost-effective by using technology and intelligent solutions. Doing projects with berlin means driving business success.

Create business value

Reduce costs

Improve efficiency

Engage in a strong partnership

The future is digital.

Ready to drive business success?

We are berlin.

Jan Vanhoenackerstraat 16 / 105
2000 Antwerp

coming in 2021

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