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HR technology adoption: make way for the future

Getting ready for the future means being agile by automating certain processes.
Adoption of HR technology is an integral part of the equation for reaching sustainable growth. And that’s for any developing company. In this article we’ll discuss the importance of technology adoption for your HR department.

Why is HR technology adoption important?

First things first: why is technology adoption and digital transformation for HR so important? We’ll give you 5 important reasons! 

Automation leads to more efficiency

As we’ve already discussed in our previous article on the scalable HR model, technology adoption is an essential part of an HR model that makes room for strategy and innovation, instead of losing valuable time on repetitive tasks.

Automated HR processes make your organization faster, more efficient and more productive because they facilitate:

  • tedious processes through automation;
  • onboarding;
  • recruiting;
  • employee experience;
  • training and education;
  • performance reviews.

This all leaves room for developing your growth strategy and focus on innovation. That way, you’ll be prepared when unforeseen circumstances take place. As a growing company, it’s essential to be flexible and ready to move with changing demands. 

HR technology drives business strategy

We can’t stress it enough: HR technology adoption allows you to strategize and grow. Not just by giving you more time to do so, but also because HR data and technology allow you to:

  • gather data;
  • get insights;
  • select metrics and KPI’s;
  • track your growth.

With the right tool you’ll also use easy and intuitive dashboards that allow you to get a 360° view of all HR processes.

HR Technology lets you prepare for the future

Some questions you’ll undoubtedly ask yourself as a growing organization: 

  • What skill sets do we have today
  • What skill sets will we need five years from now
  • Where do we need to deploy resources

HR Technology makes sure you can answer these questions in a well-founded way. Based on your previous experiences and data, you can make educated assumptions on what will come next.

People before technology

Of course, technology can’t solve everything for you. It’s all about choosing the right tools, and not overcompensating. 

Tools that are redundant or too difficult to use will cause frustration: it’s not just about the technology—it’s about people and what they think of the technology, and whether and how they use the technology that matters most.

Achieving success with HR technology

So in short: what’s the gist of this article? These are the things you’ll need to consider when adopting the right HR technology:

  • Choosing the right technology;
  • Using it to drive your business strategy;
  • Knowing how to read your data;

Facilitate training and raise awareness with your employees.

Want to do digital transformation the right way?

Berlin consulting can help you find, implement and adopt the right HR technology to allow yourself to attain sustainable growth. Do you have any questions? Contact us!

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