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What we do

Employee experience

Turn your employees into brand ambassadors. A strong employee experience drives a strong customer experience.

The experience economy and growing influence of millennials in the workplace drive the consumerization of HR. Employees are more demanding than ever. More than just a job, they want a great on-the-job experience. The employee experience your organisation provides has a direct impact on your organization’s success. Investing in employee experience creates an undeniable business value as it will make you:

  • Attract the right people
  • Retain top performers
  • Increase involvement
  • Strong corporate culture
  • Boost revenue
  • Reinforce brand

Our solutions

01 Audit

Everybody talks about employee experience but there is no conversation. In order to build an unforgettable employee experience, you need to understand what matters most to your people.

Employees are your brand. Employees impact your brand. Let’s take a 360° and survey how your employees experience their journey at your organisation, discover your internal brand ambassadors and how this impacts your brand.


The audit covers several (sub)domains and dimensions that fully assess and analyse the EX maturity level of your organisation


Simple, easy-to-use tool to track your audit.


It takes 2 days to assess your EX maturity level. As we are concerned about our planet, we can complete the full audit remotely through our advanced audit technology.


Assess where you are today
Define your EX maturity level
View critical points in your employee experience
Smart investment matrix

02 Advice

Employee experience is the redesign of the organization that puts people at the center. We balance the needs of both sides, in line with business strategy and corporate culture, and create your employee experience storyboard.

What the organisations wants

  • Win war on talent
  • Retain top talent
  • Boost revenue
  • Reinforce brand

What the employee wants

  • Be included in the decision making process
  • Easy access to information and keep it simple
  • Work-life balance
  • Learning new skills

Being an employer of choice – a magnet for talent – requires chemistry, something traditional HR will never be able to bring. We strongly believe that HR has to aim higher, set bolder goals and strive to have an unforgettable employee experience.

We love to push boundaries, challenge the status quo and solve complex problems. Our advice will make sure your HR investments make impact; you get the most bang for your buck and you target your investments there where most business value is created.

03 Action

Employee experience isn’t about one thing but the sum of all interactions an employee has with your organisation. The employee experience goes far beyond HR, it requires a big-picture-approach covering different aspects:

  • Culture : reimagine culture
  • Technology : digitize the workplace
  • Operations : optimize operations
  • Workplace : modernize the workplace

With years of experience in functional analysis, project and change management, we deliver solutions and technologies that create impact. We staff, manage and execute projects with a team of kick ass consultants.
We offer bespoke solutions for every project you entrust us with. We work efficiently and effectively, providing your organisation with more than just another costly HR solution.


Audit first, advising second, and then taking massive action to create impact.

Developed to create impact. Whether your project is big or small, our principles stay the same. Our EASD© methodology is tried, tested and proven. We jump in, do our thing and create some serious impact.



We assess the EX maturity level of your organization



We design the EX storyboard of your organization


We crunch the
numbers and build
a business case



We start mobilizing project resources and kick off the project


release cycle
change management


We hand-over
to operations and
continue to monitor

Doing projects
with berlin means
reimaging your
employee experience

1. Happy employees. Strong brand.
Happy customers. Strong business.

Empowering employee ambassadorship to create business value

2. Boost employer branding

To create chemistry as an employer

3. Become a sustainable great place to work

To win the war on talent and retain top performers

4. Lead by example

To create impact on society

5. Competitive edge

To make impact on the bottom line

Can you think of a more important value than employees? We neither. Want to know how EX makes you stand out?

We are berlin.

Jan Vanhoenackerstraat 16 / 105
2000 Antwerp

coming in 2021