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What we do


Powering HR with intelligent solutions.

Moving HR forward means integrating technology into the DNA of HR which allows organizations to (re)invent HR. The success of the transformation is directly linked to the ability to understand and adopt technology. But as many organizations prepare for the HR of the future, it becomes clear that HR often lacks some core competencies to manage this transformation. It must become more digital and analytical to successfully deliver HR innovation projects which add business value and create impact. As a consequence the HR professional also needs to become more digital and analytical. HR is not equipped to manage these new challenges overnight. Upskilling your HR professionals requires time and budget and most importantly, they need to be up for the task. However, as innovation is the calling card of the future and new HR projects are kicking off at light speed, the need for these new skills is pressing.

How can HR8 help you?

We deliver intelligent solutions to power your HR for the future. Our HR8 experts have secret powers to connect HR with technology.

  • They understand key HR processes
  • They speak fluent business and IT
  • They capture the true business needs
  • They are familiar with the best practices
  • They are always on top of new HR technologies
  • They master the skills to design, implement and test your HR system
  • They are part of your team in no time
  • And they are powered by EASD© project methodology

01 HR analysis

Our HR8 experts are on top of new HR technologies and bring a unique set of quantitative and technical skills that most traditional HR professionals are missing. Many HR processes can be done better, faster, and cheaper. Our HR8 experts improve these processes by leveraging technology, with a good understanding of the business requirements and technological opportunities. Driven by technology, our HR8 experts ensure that the HR systems meet the needs and objectives of the organization. Powering your HR with intelligent solutions that create business value by improving the HR processes and lowering costs.

Sounds familiar?

  • You have a big project coming up and your permanent resources don’t have the necessary technical, analytical skills or time to work on the project. And on top of that they are already at the risk of being stretched to their limit.
  • Every year you set the same innovative objectives for your HR department but due to operational demands you never get to realizing any of them.
  • Your operational staff is highly skilled at what they do, but nobody wants to take up the challenge to document the HR processes and question them at the same time.

HR8 in action

  • Project support as HR analyst
  • Implementation of HR technology
  • Improving HR business processes
  • Documenting HR business processes
  • Writing user manuals

02 Solution testing

Solution testing is a process of verifying that an HR application works for the end user. In order to deliver a high quality solution, testing is a necessary part of the implementation project. This step is often neglected, undervalued, or even worse, rushed and hurried to meet a deadline. During a project, the testing is often assigned to HR as they are the end user. So this makes them the perfect testers, right? Wrong! Testing is a complex and tedious process that requires a deep understanding of testing methods, HR processes and business needs. Many HR professionals don’t have the technical knowledge and are missing the skill to write detailed test scenarios. Don’t waste this opportunity to increase the business value of your application by focusing on solution testing. Testing proves the existence of bugs, not their absence. To make your implementation journey easier, our HR8 experts can support you in solution testing. We think like the end user, don’t follow the rules and we like to break things.

Sounds familiar?

  • Solution testing often comes on top of day-to-day work of your employees. This makes solution testing not a priority for your employees as operational pressure puts the day-to-day work first, risking that not all bugs are logged and solved by the go live of your application.
  • You are implementing a new HR application and assigned testing to the operational team but they are not yet familiar with the new tool and setup. So they end up spending more time trying to understand how it works instead of performing actual tests.
  • Your employees with little or no project experience can be overwhelmed by the project bulldozer trying to get them to sign off on the new application.

HR8 in action

  • Project support as solution tester
  • Leading the testing track of your project
  • Writing detailed testing scenarios
  • Bug hunter 

03 UX review

User experience is like a joke. If you have to explain it, then you’re doing it wrong.

UX is everything and it always has been, but many organizations are still undervaluing UX and are not investing enough in the user experience of their employees. Imagine the business value when you focus on UX to reduce the time spent on recurring administrative tasks, like requesting time off. If it takes every employee 10 minutes to complete the task, calculate the cost saving if you can reduce it to 2 minutes. The main goal of UX is not to complicate the already stretched time of your employees but to make their lives easier. With the growing importance of technology in HR, a deep understanding of UX is required to build HR solutions that work and create business value. UX is not only about how it looks like and feels like. UX is about how it works by putting the user first. You’ve got to start with the experience and work back towards the technology, not the other way around. If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design. Make sure you don’t build HR solutions that your users don’t like and end up not using. If you don’t know UX, hire HR8 experts who are obsessed over it. They live and breath UX. 

Sounds familiar?

  • You are collecting user stories for a new HR tool but nobody is thinking about what the user experience should be. You know what the tool is supposed to do, but not how to present it to the user.
  • During the testing of a new HR application the testers are struggling to understand the logic of the system.
  • Your HR Department spends a lot of time handling user service requests and errors about a specific HR Tool used by your employees. A lot of these could be avoided if only the tool were more intuitive and self-explanatory.
  • The different systems in your application landscape are connected through interfacing, but error handling and processing is a tedious activity with a lot of (manual) steps.
  • You implemented a new time registration system. During the design phase, the main focus was on process handling for HR, totally overlooking the overall user experience of the employee and how it should work. The result is that the new application even takes longer to request time off than before. And team managers find the new approval flow too much hussle. As a consequence teams are again using their own sheets to track time off.
  • You implemented a new HR application that automates time consuming HR processes but nobody understands the tool. The usage rate is much lower than expected, wasting time, budget and project resources.

HR8 in action

  • Project support as UX consultant
  • Auditing HR applications
  • Writing detailed UX evaluations
  • User stories champion
  • User testing

Doing projects
with HR8 means powering HR with intelligent solutions

1. Connect HR with technology

Technology is ubiquitous and has disrupted traditional HR in many ways. Don’t lack behind.

2. Deliver intelligent solutions

Solutions so good people prefer to use them.

3. The 4.0 mindset

HR needs to raise their game. Digital literacy is key to invent HR solutions for tomorrow.

4. Move your HR forward

Integrating intelligent HR solutions delivers process optimization, error reduction, limiting manual work and cost saving to impact the bottom line.

5. Realize your digital roadmap

Get the most out of technology with fit-for-purpose solutions that work.

There’s really no excuse to delay powering HR with technology. Want to know how we can support you?

We are berlin.

Jan Vanhoenackerstraat 16 / 105
2000 Antwerp

coming in 2021