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What we do

People analytics

Transform your HR into a data-driven environment and create impact by defining and implementing insightful analytics in line with the business strategy.

Traditional HR is going through a massive disruption, and it needs to.
For decades organisations operated in a reactive mode – limited to operational reporting by applying basic HR metrics, missing out on the opportunity to create true business value. Nevertheless HR holds a valuable business asset – a data goldmine – to power data-driven decision making. People analytics done right can generate very powerful insights, making it an asset to any organisation. In order to move forward you need to get the basics right. To become a trusted strategic partner, HR needs to invest in both analytics technology and upskilling HR staff to provide evidence-based and relevant insights. Data in the hands of a few experts can be powerful, but data at the fingertips of many is what will be truly transformational.

Our solutions

01 Audit

People analytics brings the opportunity to improve performance, create impact on the organisation and to evolve into a strategic business partner powered by data-driven decision making. Our audit will assess the quality, quantity and availability of your HR data, the technologies used and the business value of your current metrics. In order to move forward and prepare for a data-driven future, you must assess your current analytics maturity level. Based on the gathered insights we show you your critical points and design a high level road map for smart People analytics investments.

Let’s take a 360° and define your digital maturity level and we will show you the unharvested power of your HR data.


The audit covers several domains and dimensions that fully assess and analyse the People analytics maturity level of your organisation.


Simple, easy-to-use tool to track your audit.


It takes 2 days to assess your analytics maturity level. As we are concerned about our planet, we can complete the full audit remotely through our advanced audit technology.


Assess where you are today

Define your analytics maturity level

View critical points in your People analytics


Smart investment matrix

02 Advice

The impact of data-driven decision making is undeniable but more than often HR misses out on the opportunity to be a trusted business partner. You should only focus on data that drives impact and creates business value. Let’s transform your HR into a data-focused environment by improving data quality and availability, developing strategic HR metrics supported by the right tools for your business needs.

We love to push boundaries, challenge the status quo and solve complex problems. Our advice will make sure your HR investments make impact; you get the most bang for your buck and you target your investments there where most business value is created.

03 Action

Let us help you transform your HR into a digital powerhouse that provides your organisation with insights that are data-driven, actionable and enable decisions that impact the bottom line. Ready to rethink your HR and become data-driven?

With years of experience in functional analysis, project and change management, we deliver solutions and technologies that create impact. We staff, manage and execute projects with a team of kick ass consultants.
We work efficiently and effectively, providing your organisation with more than just another costly HR solution.


Audit first, advising second, and then taking massive action to create impact.

Developed to create impact. Whether your project is big or small, our principles stay the same. Our EASD© methodology is tried, tested and proven. We jump in, do our thing and create some serious impact.



We assess the analytics maturity level of your HR



We design the People analytics landscape for your organization


We crunch the
numbers and build
a business case



We start mobilizing project resources and kick off the project


release cycle
change management


We hand-over
to operations and
continue to monitor

Doing projects
with berlin means powering data-driven decision making

1. Become a strategic business partner

Boost business insights and create impact on the bottom line

2. Impactful HR decision making

To harness the power of HR data

3. Become a data-drive workplace

Make data analytics a part of your DNA

4. Upskill your people

Build a data savvy HR team

5. Use fit-for-purpose tools

To get the most out of your data and create valuable insights

Want to know how
People analytics drives business value?

We are berlin.

Jan Vanhoenackerstraat 16 / 105
2000 Antwerp

coming in 2021